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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Nets for Survival

Hi folks! Having just read Torjus "Living Primitively Blog" about a netted fish trap I decided to do a quicky article on the use of nets as survival gear. I have bought and used the IMPS net from Brigade Quarter Master and I feel its worth every penny. It can be used to catch food, cache food, a hammock, camouflage, and myriad other uses. The IMPS net weighs less than a pound and fits in its attached "stuff net bag". It measures 6" by 6" when its compacted into its bag. The net measures 6' by 10'. Another net I use often is a bag net made from nylon cord. Its about three feet deep by two feet wide. I use it for carrying gear and foraging. Here are a few links to the IMPS net and an article about making nets.

Click on the tab about "Catch and Spear Fish" at Ranger Ricks Digest

It also shows an add for the IMPS net from BQM.

Heres the add from BQM found at their website:

The IMPS-Net - Individual Multi-Purpose Net is one of the most essential suruval items you can have in your pack or survival system. Our 6’ x 10’ nylon net weighs only 9 oz and it takes up less room than a GI 1-qt canteen. Rig as a mini-hammock for sleeping, camouflage hides, gear net and many purposes, limited only by imagination.

Some suggested Uses:

• Use as a fishing net or live game trap
• Use as a Personal Camouflaging System for ambushes and survival
• Store food and equipment out of the reach of animals
• Use as a stretcher to transport injured personnel
• Carry game back to camp
• Cradles and supports your firearms or binoculars for steadier shooting and viewing
• Emergency rope - 12 feet /3.66 m
• Dunk bag and food chiller.
• Poperly tieing to metal rings, makes an improvised Mini-Hammock

Complete IMPS-Net™ Kit:

• Mesh Net (1.8 x 3.0 m); Mesh openings: 1 ¾’’ x 2’’ (4.4 x 5.1 cm)
• Two 5’ (1.52 m) suspension ropes with attached steel ring clews
• Two 12’ (3.66 m) lengths 550 survival cord
Loss-proof, permanently attached 9 ½’’ x 8’’ mesh drawstring storage bag (also usable as a dunk bag or gear bag).

No other item gives you this kind of utility and survivability in such a small, lightweight, economical package! You owe it to yourself to try it- we guarantee you will never hunt or camp without one again! Usage info courtesy Don Paul/Pathfinder Publications, and Sgt. Rick Tscherne, author of Ranger Rick’s Books. Instructions included. (1.8 x 3.0 m)

Shipping Weight: 1.00 lb / 0.45 kg

Description - Item No. Our


And heres a few links to the net making articles:

Basic Netmaking

Net Booklet pdf

Janns Netcraft

A. S. Emery Net Making pdf

G. L. Findley Netting pdf

Thanks for looking!

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Check out the net making forum at:
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