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Saturday, September 1, 2007

My cutting tools

I said I would add some modern survival stuff to my blog. Here are some photos of my cutting tools. The top photo shows my Norlund ax and sheath and below that a Stanley folding saw. The handle for the Norlund is fairly new. I bought the head at a salvage sale for 50 cents. What a deal! I really like this design in an ax. It makes it a more versatile tool. You can skin, carve, etc. by holding the head in your hand. Thats called choking up on the handle. The saw has proven to be very dependable and has remained sharp for the several years I've owned it.

This next photo shows a few of my knives. The top knife is a Groman clone made in Solingen, Germany back in the fifties and sixties. It has "Canadian Trapper" etched deeply into the blade (next photo down). Its made of high carbon steel and holds a very good edge. Next is my Gerber "Freeman". I like this knife and it has served me well. Its the one I usually carry when I'm out and about. Next is a homemade knife made by Wayne Squires. Its some kind of super hard stainless and has Ironwood handles. It belonged to my late friend Vernon Squires who passed away in 2002. I made all the sheaths for these knives from 7-8 ounce leather and fastened them with copper belt rivets and burrs.

Heres the close up of the etching on the Groman clone.

The next photo shows my pocket knives and Gerber multi tool. The red handled knife is a Victorinox "Hunter" model. Its pretty old, I believe the first issue. Whats odd is there is no toothpick or tweezers. The neck knife is a cheap Chinese tanto. Surprisingly it stays sharp and has stood up to a lot of abuse. The bottom knife is a German Army Knife made by Victorinox. Its military surplus. It has a regular blade, saw blade, corkscrew and awl. Along with the folding knives are leather pouches and diamond sharpening hones. The hones fit in the pouches with the knives. I've found its better for the pocket knives to carry them in pouches. They don't get all kinds of gunk in the slip joints and they stay a lot cleaner.

This last picture shows my Schrade Walden hunting knife. It's an older knife, also. Good high carbon steel that stays razor sharp. Sears, Montgomery Wards and some other stores carried these. They put their name on the sheath. This one is Sears. The machete is a Cold Steel Magnum Kukri. It has stood up pretty well to its task. I heard a lot of negative press about Cold Steel machetes. Some of them had a poor temper job and the steel was very soft. Fortunately for me this one has a good, strong edge. The dollar bill is for scale.

When I head for the mountains I always have at least one of the pocket knives and one of the sheath knives on me. I also carry the ax, saw or machete, depending on what I plan to do.


Pablo said...

Great site Ron. Keep up the good work.

Ron Layton said...

Thanks for your kind comment, Pablo!

wilson said...

Good job Ron. nice tools. its really impressive. keep up regular your good job. I m also working for manufacutrers and catalog. I have different types of tools, hammers and knife. But your site is really good.
Thanks and Regards,

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Anonymous said...

What happened was Cold Steel shipped some of the work over to china for a few months and all the china made products were junk,it almost put them out of business, luckily that is no longer the case. Just make sure the the knife you're buying is made in america if you want to be sure it's a real Cold Steel knife.