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Monday, August 27, 2007

Flint Knapping Tools

The picture above shows my antler billets and copper bopper. The billets are made from the main beam of a deer or elk antler. This part of the antler is connected to the head of the animal and the tines are the pointy things that grow from it. This beam material is tough stuff and lasts a long time. The short brown one and the big white one are elk antler. The small white one is deer antler. The copper bopper is made from an antique soldering iron. I use these for different types of rock, depending on brittleness, density, etc.

The picture above shows the tines from an antler. I use these for pressure flaking and to resharpen the edge of dulled tools. The leather pad is used to protect my hand. My thumb fits through the hole and the pad sets on my palm.

The picture above shows my copper flaking tools. These are also used for pressure flaking and re-edging tools.

The picture above shows the various copper tools I use for different tasks. The small pieces fit into the wooden handle and are used for various flaking techniques. The small, flat one is used for notching. The larger pieces are used for fluting projectile points and removing stubborn pieces from a preform or core. I use them like punches. Everything fits in the tin.

All of the tools pictured above fit into this leather bag, except the large elk billet. Also, there is a large leather pad rolled up inside the bag. I use it to set on my knee or in my lap while knapping.

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